Add Client to a Class

Learn how to add a client to a class.

APPLIES TO: Admin and Staff

Last updated: July 18, 2023

Add Client to a Class

From the Calendar - Step by Step Guide

  • Login to your account and hover over the main navigation bar on the left, click Calendar
  • Find the calendar card of the class session you would like to add the client to
  • Click the three dot menu in the top right of the calendar card
  • Click View Session


  • From the Session Summary Drawer, click on the plus sign to the right of Attendees
  • Type in the name of the client you would like to add to the session in the search bar
  • Click the Client's name to add them to the class session


Using Point of Sale - Step by Step Guide

  • Click the green + sign in the right hand corner
  • Select Point of Sale
  • Select the client you want to add to a class
  • In the search bar, search for the class you want to sign them up for and select the class


  • Select the managed profile you want to register for the class
    • Note: If they have not purchased a credit pass you will have to purchase that before scheduling


  • Select the class date/time you would like to register the client for and click Book
    • Note: you can schedule a client for a session up to 7 days in the past