Browse Events - Search & Filters

In this article, learn how to search and use your filters on the Browse Events page to find the event you are looking for.


Last updated: August 2, 2023

If you are on the main events page as a client and see a lot of event options, you can use the search bar as well as the different filters available to help quickly find the event you are looking for.

Browse Events - Search

  • By clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right of the page you can enter in a search word that will filter the list to only events with an event title included in the search word. See example for "camp" below.

(Desktop view)

UH browse 1-1

(In-App view)

UH app search ONE FINAL-1

Browse Events - Filters

  • In addition to the search bar, you have the option to filter your search based on category, staff member or location.

By Category

(Desktop view)

UH browse 2-1

(In-App view)

UH app search 2-1

By Staff Member

(Desktop view)

UH browse 3-1

(In-App view)

UH app search 3-1

By Location

(Desktop view)

UH browse location-1

(In-App view)
UH app search 4-1

  • You also have the ability to change your view from List View to Week View which will show you all events scheduled for that specific day.

(Desktop view)

UH browse 5-1

(In-App view)

UH app search 5-1

  • Note: You have the ability to filter by multiple items at the same time