Cancel a Class Session

Learn how to cancel a specific class session within a Class.


Last updated: February 2, 2023

You are able to cancel a specific session within a Class.

Cancel a Class Session

  • Log in to your Upper Hand account and hover over the main navigation bar on the left, click Classes
  • On the left side panel, click on the Class that you would like to cancel
  • Click the Schedule tab
  • Click the three grey dots on the right hand side next to the session you want to cancel
  • Click View Session
  • Click the three grey dots in the right hand corner
  • Click Cancel
  • Select whether you would like to cancel the class and return a session to all clients or if you would like to revoke the sessions from everyone
    • Note: if you return the session, they will be able to use the credit for any other classes that are associated with that event type
  • Select whether you want to send a note notifying your clients of the cancellation

Things to Note

  • Cancelling a class will not remove the session from the calendar.