Change Deposit Account

In this article, learn how to change the bank account tied to your direct deposits.


Last updated: April 19, 2023

Change Deposit Account

If you need to change the bank account that is tied to your direct deposits you receive from processing credit card transactions, you will need to reach out to to request the change.

To help speed up the process please include one of the following items in the email:

  1. A voided check under the legal business name. The business name cannot be handwritten or free-typed, it must be printed by the bank. The full check must be viewable. A starter check cannot be accepted.


  2. A bank letter that must include: the legal business name, the bank header, the banking details (routing # and Account #), a bank stamp, and/or a bank representative signature for authentication purposes (dated no older than 6 months). The document must be in print and cannot be handwritten.