Cost of Goods Report

This article will walk you through the cost of goods report.


Last updated: February 23, 2023


When selling retail it's important to easily track how much revenue is generated per sale. With the cost of goods report, you will be able to export the report for the desired timeframe and view your total revenue per sale.

Cost of Goods Report

  • Log in to your account and hover over the Reports section on the navigation bar on the left
  • Click the cloud icon
  • In the drop down select Cost of Goods
  • Select the desired time frame you want to export the report
  • Click Download


Q: How is revenue calculated
A: Revenue is the price - cost of each item 

Q: Is sales tax included in the revenue?
A: No, sales tax is not included and will have to be calculated separately 

Q: Is discount calculated in the total revenue?
A: No, revenue is only price - cost, if there was a discount applied you will have to subtract that from the revenue

Q: How can I change the report from cents to dollars?
A: If you multiply the Amount columns by .01 it will convert it from cents to dollars