Create a Retail Product

In this article, learn how to create a retail product.


Last updated: February 3, 2023

Create a Retail Product

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 1.58.54 PM

  • Click on the black plus sign (+) to create a product

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  • Enter the information listed below:
    • Name: this will be the name that appears in the shopping cart when selling through Point of Sale.
    • Retail Vendor: Adding a vendor (brand) name to your retail products allow you to easily track and sort inventory by a specific vendor. To learn how to create a retail vendor, click here.
    • Price: the amount that you will be charging clients for the product.
    • Cost: the amount that it cost you to purchase the item.
    • Product Description: any additional information you would like to add to describe the item.
    • Retail Category: examples include apparel, concessions, equipment, etc.
  • Add Product Options (also know as product variants).
  • Click on the + Add Option button under Product Options.

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  • Enter the Option Name (e.g. size, color, etc).
  • For the Add Value box, add every option that you are offering (small, medium, large or red, blue, green, etc).
  • Click on Create to finish creating the products and Publish when you want to start selling the items.