Create New Credit Pass

In this article, learn how to create a new Credit Pass to sell to your clients.


Last updated: July 18, 2023


Credit passes allow you to sell packs of classes/credits to clients and assign which events they can be used for.

How to Create a New Credit Pass

  • Hover over the left navigation tab and click Credit Passes
  • Click Credit New Credit Pass

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 3.22.44 PM

  • Name the credit pass. This will be the name of the pass and what your clients will see when purchasing.
  • Set credit pass Description.
    • Note: This should be used to explain what the credit pass can be used for.
  • Set Pricing. You will want to set the pricing for the total amount you want to charge for the pass.
    • Note: Credit Passes are a one-time charge for your clients to purchase the credit pass and can be purchased multiple times by one client.
  • Optional: Set a Usage Limit
    • Note: This will set a usage limit per client.
  • Optional: Hide in Client Checkout
    • Note: By selecting this option, the credit pass will not be visible during client checkout. This is great if you want to sunset credit passes or un-list moving forward.
  • Optional: Set Expiration.
    • Note: Credit Passes can be set to expire x days after purchase, x days from first use, or on a certain date.
  • Assign Session Credits
    • Session credits can be set to unlimited or have a set quantity.
    • Credits can be assigned to event types or specific events.
      • Event types will allow them to schedule sessions for any open booking or class event listed under that event type.
      • Note: Credits can only be used for open booking or class events.
  • Click Create publish the Credit Pass.