Gift Cards

In this article, learn how to create, sell, and redeem gift cards.


Last updated: June 23, 2023 

Creating a Gift Card

  • To begin creating a gift card, click on "Retail" from the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen. Once at the "Retail" landing page, select the black circle with the plus sign.
    UH retail 1
  • Next, enter "Gift Card" in the "Name" box. "Retail Vendor" can be left blank. Leave the "Cost" box blank, and enter $10 in the "Price" box.

UH retail 2

  • In the "Product Description" box enter "Gift Card" UH retail 3
  • In the "Retail Category" section, enter whatever your business prefers.

UH retail 5

  • Under the "Product Options" heading on the left side of the screen, select "Add Option"
    UH retail 6
  • Under "Option Name" enter “Amount.” In "Add Value" enter the different gift card amounts you want to offer.

UH retail 7

  • Then select "Create."

UH retail 8

  • Once created, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under "Product Variants" change the price to appropriate price for each variant.
UH retail 9
  •  Finally, select Publish!

Selling a Gift Card

  • To sell a "Gift Card" first navigate to "Point of Sale" from the green plus sign on the right hand side of the screen.

UH sell gift card 1

  • Once in POS, select the client you would like to sell a gift card too. 
    UH sell gift card 2
  • Then you will see the memberships, credit passes, etc. that are for sale. Either scroll down or search for the "Gift Card" you would like to sell. Select the gift card and select the amount.

UH sell gift card 3

  • Finally, select "Add to Cart" and follow all the way through with the transaction. 

Noting on a Client's Account

This is the key first step to be able to redeem the "Gift Card" for clients later.

  • First, navigate the "Contacts" page from the navigation panel on the left hand side. Select the client that will be receiving the Gift Card and open their Client Profile.

UH note gift card 1

  • Next, scroll down to the "Notes" section. Click on the pencil icon. 

UH note gift card 2

  • Then type in the date and how much was purchased on the gift card. Make sure to hit Save.

UH note gift card 3

Redeeming a Gift Card

  • Navigate to the Client Profile to see how much is on their account. This would be in the notes section.

UH redeem gift card 1

  • Next, begin the transaction in POS. Continue as standard practice until you arrive at the "Discounts" page. Select "Add Discount"

UH redeen gift card 2

  • Manually enter the amount you'd like to discount.

UH redeem gift card 3

  • Complete the transaction. Return to the client profile to update the Gift Card note. Type in how much was used and the date. Track the remaining balance on the gift card, if applicable. Hit save.

Single Transaction ExampleSnip20230623_16

Multiple Transactions Example