Honeywell Scanner Set-Up

In this article, learn the steps to set-up your Honeywell Scanner.


Last updated: March 3, 2023

Honeywell Scanner Set-Up

  1. Attach the scanner base to any computer using the included USB cable.
  2. Place the scanner in the base. It should make this series of sounds.
    1. Four ascending tones as it powers on 
    2. Series of chirps at it searches for a Bluetooth connection to the base
    3. Higher multi-pitch chirp indicating pairing success
  3. Test the connection by taking the scanner out of the base and pressing the button on the base. The scanner should start a series of short-short-short-long tones. Press the button again or pull the trigger on the scanner to make it stop.
  4. Reset both the scanner and the base to factory defaults using these two codes. If you have difficulty scanning a code, use something to cover the other code(s).

    1. The first code results in a medium-high two-tone from the scanner.
    2. The second code results in a medium-high two-tone from the scanner quickly followed by a low-low two-tone from the scanner and the base.
    3. Place the scanner back in the base, and it should repeat the series from step 2.
  5. Set beep volume to medium using this code. Expect a medium-high two-tone.
  6. Turn on UPC-E to UPC-A expansion using this code. Expect a medium-high two-tone.
  7. Set the base to charge-only mode using this code. Expect a medium-high two-tone.
  8. Make the scanner Bluetooth discoverable using this code. Response tone varies.

    1. On the iPad, look for the scanner in Other Devices unders Settings > Bluetooth. It should be displayed as either Keyboard or Vogager_1452g_SN_##########
    2. Press the device entry to complete pairing. Expect a success tone.
    3. Step 8 may be repeated as needed to swap the scanner between iPads or other iOS devices.
  9. Once setup is complete, unplug the USB and use the included wall charger to power the base.