Kiosk Set-Up

In this article, learn how to set-up your kiosk.


Last updated: March 3, 2023

Kiosk Set-Up

Step 1: After unpacking the box, you should have two bags: one with 2 security screws and a yellow handled screwdriver, an Allen wrench and another with two sets of washers, wing nuts, and long screws. You will also have the iPad box as well.

Step 2: Take the yellow handled screwdriver and unscrew the two security screws in the back of the kiosk. Once those are unscrewed, the colored faceplate and black faceplate should come right off.

Step 3: You should then see the inside of the kiosk where you will set the iPad. You should see in the middle of the kiosk a black opening. Take the charging cord for the iPad and loop it through this hole so that the cord pops out from the bottom of the kiosk.

Step 4: Connect the charging cord to the iPad and then place the iPad in side of the 4 clear plastic corners. Make sure that the Power button connects with the black button on the top left hand side.

Step 5: Place the black faceplate and the colored faceplate, making sure that the camera hole on the black faceplate aligns with the iPad camera. Then secure the security screws into the back of the kiosk.

Step 6: Follow the optional mounting instructions on the installation instructions that come with your kiosk.