Orders Report

In this article, you will receive a high level overview of the Orders report and learn how to use it.


Last updated: April 24, 2023


This report is used to show the details of each order, based on the original purchase date. An order occurs when a client completes checkout online or through Point-of-Sale (POS) in-store. This report only shows new orders, so you will not see a new line within this report until a client completes another checkout. After clicking on an individual order, you will have the ability to send a receipt and refund a specific item within that order.

  • Note: Pay later transactions and payment plans are included in this report.

Report Benefits

  • Ability to track all orders (including retail items).
  • Advanced filter options to locate specific orders.
  • High level dynamic stats that adjust with selected filters.
  • View all details within a specific order inside the Order Drawer.
  • Available on desktop and mobile devices.

Helpful Tips

Statistic Tooltips

  • Orders: total number of unique orders.
  • Amount: total dollar amount of orders.
  • In-Store: total number of orders received in-store (payments processed through Point-of-Sale/POS).
  • Online: total number of orders received online.

Columns Explained

  • Date & Time: the exact date and time that the order was first created.
  • Order ID: unique ID for that specific order.
  • Buyer: the client that purchased the order.
  • Channel: where the item was purchased (online or in-store).
  • Amount: total amount of all item(s) in the order.
  • Method: the method in which the order was paid (card, cash, check, pay later, credit or payment plan).
    • Note:  all payment methods will be listed in the event that there is more than one.

Using the Report

  • To access the Report, log in to your Upper Hand account and hover over the left navigation bar and click Reports > Orders.
  • The report will always initially display orders that were created on the current day.
  • From here, you can filter the date range by Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Quarter, Last Quarter, This Year, Last Year and Custom.
  • You have the ability to search for a specific Order ID or Buyer name.
  • You can also filter by Order Method (All, Online, In-Store/POS) and Payment Method (All, Card, Cash, Check, Credit and Pay Later).
  • To view more information regarding a specific order, click on it.
  • To pay down a balance via the Orders Report, click on the three dot menu > View Balance > three dot menu > Pay Balance.
  • To learn how to refund a client from the Orders report, click here.
  • To learn how to resend a receipt, click here.
  • If you would like to export the report via a .csv file, you can do so by click on the cloud icon.