PAX Device - General Instructions

In this article, learn some general instructions when setting up your PAX Device.


Last updated: March 1, 2023

PAX A920 Quick Guide

Setting up your new payment terminal: 

  • Open the box; it should contain: 
    • PAX A920 “Smart Terminal”
    • Micro USB Cable + Power Adaptor 
  • Once unboxed, turn on the terminal using the button on the lower right  side of the device. 


  • The device  will prompt you to select a WiFi network
    and enter the password.
  1. Select your Wifi Network.
    NOTE: Ideally, this should be a network that is only
    used for your business (ex: not a “guest” network).
  2. Enter the correct Wifi Password when prompted.
  • Once connected to the Wifi, open the Handpoint app
    (if it is not already open).
    • When in this app, if you become lost from the charge screen, touch the Wallet icon to get back to the charge screen. 
  • In the Upper Hand software, choose the drop down in the top right corner of your screen and choose the correct smart terminal
    • Refresh your browser if you cannot find it, as the Upper Hand Team must enable your PAX smart terminal remotely.

Charging a Customer with the PAX A920:

  • Open POS, Quick Schedule, or Pay Balance to go through all the normal steps to purchase until you get to the “Payment” view.
  • Select the "Reader" option 
    • This will be available only if  “Card” is selected as the payment method.
    • Select the desired PAX terminal.
  • Choose the “Purchase” button from the payment view.
    • The PAX terminal screen will change display and will ask for a card to be presented
    • When using a card, you can either: 
      • Chip - Client must sign to complete transaction
        • If you don’t sign, the transaction will display and will ask for a card to be presented
        • EMV Chip works best and is most secure
      • Tap - Tap location is at the top and front of the terminal
        • This is best for Apple Pay and Google Pay
      • Swipe - Fallback method for cards without chips
    • If you cancel the transaction on the PAX, the error that pops up in the Upper Hand software reads “Transaction
      cancelled by user request” at the bottom
      of your Upper Hand screen.
    • If the terminal  is being used by one computer (or iPad,
      phone, etc.), any other computer that is trying to initiate
      a transaction on the same terminal will be denied and
      will show a “Device not available” message until the
      in-progress transaction is completed. 
    • You get three 30-second attempts to run a card.
      • After that time,  the transaction will be automatically cancelled due to “device timeout.”
    • When required to sign, the client has five minutes to enter a signature until the device cancels the transaction.

Saving a Card with the PAX A920:
NOTE: The same rules apply to manually entering card information.

  • For any recurring orders (memberships, payment plans, etc.), the Upper Hand software will require a card to be saved to the client’s account.
    • If the “SAVE CARD” checkbox is NOT checked, the Upper Hand software will show a message stating that a card must be saved for this type of purchase. 
  • For any non-recurring orders, the Upper Hand software will NOT require a card to be saved.


  •  In “Device Settings” in Users profile drop down
    • Here you can: 
      • Rename devices
      • See device status
      • Disable a device
        • This prevents the device from
          being selected from the drop down
          menu in the main header of the Upper
          Hand software.
  • You can ensure that the payment terminal is usable based on the status icon associated with the device:






  • If the terminal becomes damaged or destroyed during the middle of a transaction, the software will reset after a maximum of eight minutes with no messages from the terminal.  
  • The Upper Hand team will have to change any “settings” inside the terminal. Please contact us for help. 
  • Charge your terminal every night with a Micro USB Cable + Power Adaptor.
  • If your location is currently using one or more HiLite devices, these devices will no longer be functional once you’ve set up a PAX terminal.