Printer Set-Up

In this article, learn how to set up your printer.


Last updated: March 3, 2023

It is recommended you do initial setup with a roll of non continuous material (i.e. Labels) with a marker like a black line or cut in between each label. During startup and network setup the printer will calibrate to the media inside the printer. If you use a receipt or other continuous media it will cause the printer to continue feeding without end. If you do not have any labels, open the print bay and do the initial setup with the bed open. After completing the network setup and finishing all of the steps, again restart the printer and then load the printer with a given media.

Printer Set-Up

  1. Find the printer settings drawer in the top right corner by your avatar.
  2. Inside the drawer look for the choose printer drop-down. If you have a loading screen (For more than two minutes) or a empty screen check your printer status and connection then refresh the list.
  3. Network Setup:
    1. To setup the printer to the network you must use a bluetooth, (or a physical connection on a Mac or PC).
    2. First click the drop down and find a the printers serial number you wish to add. (Typically following this pattern: D2JXXXXXXXXX or D2NXXXXXXXXX)
      1. On bluetooth you will have to go through the pairing process, this will cause the printer to print a pairing number and ask you to confirm it on the tablet.
      2. After pairing the Printer Status should read Bluetooth Connected
    3. As long as the printer status does not contain a connection error click the network button and fill out the form with your Wifi Name and Password. If you have a connection error, try re-selecting the printer from the dropdown, if this does not work, restart the app or refresh the browser as well as restarting the printer. 
    4. Finally click the continue button. This will give you a prompt if you would like to restart your printer. This will take a few minutes before it restarts, click reset and allow the printer to fully restart before proceeding. (The printer has been reset after the Status Indicator and Network Indicator have turned green. If the Network Indicator has not turned green after 1 min, please repeat the network setup)
  4. After completing the network setup refresh the Printer dropdown by clicking the refresh symbol to the right of it. This may take a few moments.
  5. Finally find the new printer. As long as the printer is connected to the network indicated by the Network Indicator being yellow or green, the IP address (A number structured like 000-000-00-00) should be found in the printer drop down.
  6. Next set the Media Settings to the desired size of you printer. By clicking the Media button and following the drawer. Click save when you are finished.
    1. Receipts are 2.25” wide
    2. Labels are 2” wide and 1” tall
  7. Restart the printer and load the receipt into the tray.
  8. Now try printing a test receipt by clicking Test->Print Receipt
  9. You should now print a receipt from the printer. If you get a blank receipt, check your media settings and the orientation of the Receipts, they will only print if loaded in the correct orientation.
  10. After the receipt prints correctly click the Save button at the bottom of the drawer. Close the app, and restart. After about 30 seconds, a dialog will popup at the bottom of the screen letting you know the printer has been connected.
    1. If this is not the case please visit the Printer Settings and confirm the printer is still in the drop down.
    2. If it is not, please restart the printer and start at step 3: Network Setup. c. If the printer is still in the drop down but was not auto connected select the printer and try printing another receipt if there are no errors and the receipt printed click Save and retry step 10.
    3. If the printer is still not functioning please submit a ticket with Upper Hand giving us as much detail as possible so we may be able to solve your problem.