Quick Pay

In this article, learn how to utilize the Quick Pay option from the calendar.

APPLIES TO: Admins and Staff

Last updated: August 9, 2023

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Using Quick Pay to make a payment or add a retail item

Using Quick Pay to Waive a Balance

The Quick Pay feature allows Staff and Admins to conduct transactions straight from the calendar. More specifically, Quick Pay allows you to pay and waive balances on a specific session as well as add a retail item to the same transaction.

Quick Pay - Video Walkthrough

Quick Pay - Step By Step Guide

Using Quick Pay to Waive a Balance

Things to Note:

  • When using the “add product” feature in Quick Pay, the option to use the PAX device at checkout will be disabled so you will either need to use a stored card on file or add a new card or cash/check as the payment method.
  • You are able to add multiple quantities of one retail item but you can only add one product
  • You can pay a partial balance for the lesson but you can't pay a partial balance for the retail item
  • The retail item will show as a separate order in the reports
  • If you waive a partial balance and close out of the quick pay modal, you will need to navigate to the client profile to pay down the remaining balance.