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Repeat Booking

In this article, learn how to utilize the repeat booking feature.


Last updated: February 17, 2023

If you have certain clients that like to be booked at the same date and time every week, you can save time booking them by utilizing the Repeat Booking feature in Point of Sale.

Repeat Booking

  • To access the Repeat Booking feature, click the green plus button in the top right corner once you've logged into your account, select Point of Sale.
  • Search and click for the athlete you need to book
  • Search and click the event you need to book them for
  • Select the attendee you are trying to book in the drop down list of profiles
    • Note: Even if they already have credits that you want to use for repeat booking purposes you will need to choose their name from the drop down list.
  • Click Repeat Booking
  • Select the staff member they would like to book with, if applicable.
  • Select the day(s) of week they would like to book
  • Input the start and end date to determine how many sessions you would like to schedule them for
  • Select a time from the drop down list
  • Click Continue to Payment Options
  • If a client already has enough credits to use to book the sessions, you can click Confirm Booking to complete the scheduling process.
  • If a client needs to purchase additional credits, you will need to select the appropriate package from the drop down list before clicking Add to Cart
  • From there you can proceed to checkout and complete the booking process