Client Profile Page

Take action on all things related to a client’s account right from their profile.

Last updated: May 17, 2023

With the Client Profile Page, you’ll not only save time on simple tasks but improve staff efficiency and empower clients with greater visibility into their account.


The Client Profile Page provides customers and clients with a clear understanding of all details around a client’s account including schedule, sessions remaining, orders, payment history, membership history, etc. It will show them information regarding outstanding balances (you can pay down the balance right from the client profile), their membership details including when their next payment is due, etc.

Video Walkthrough

Client Profile Page

  • To access a Client's Profile Page, log in to your account and hover over the navigation bar on the left, click Contacts.
  • Search for the client's name and click on their name to navigate to the their Client Profile Page.
  • The Schedule tab will show Past and Upcoming sessions
  • The Orders tab will give you the historical list of orders the profile has placed.
  • The Payments tab will show you any credit cards they have saved on file.
  • If they are enrolled in a membership, you will see the associated membership card underneath their name.
  • The full Account Information is listed underneath the membership card (if applicable). You can make changes to this information by clicking the pencil icon.
  • Also, you will see a place to leave Account Notes. The Notes are not client facing.
  • You also have a place to add a pdf document to a client profile page
  • The Outstanding Balance box will show any active outstanding balances for that client.
  • The Credits box will show you current remaining credits the client has available to schedule
    • Note: If you need to manually adjust the credit number, click View All inside the box and Edit inside the credit grant box associated with the credits. Clients will not be notified of the credit adjustment.