Contact Filters

In this article, learn how to filter your contacts for deeper insights and more targeted marketing efforts.


Last updated: April 24, 2024

Contact Filters

  • To access your contact filters, hover over the navigation panel on the left, click Contacts
  • Under the Clients tab, you will notice a Filters button, click the button to pull up the Contact Filters drawer


  • From here you will be able to access any previously saved filters or you can create a new filter by clicking on the button on the bottom right.


  • Note you are able to filter based on the following types of data:
    • Demographics: Age, Date of Birth, Birthday Month, Gender, Zip Code
    • Activity: Account Status, Account Type, Member Status, First Purchase Date, Last Purchase Date, Purchased Product
  • Once you input/select a filter (or group of filters), make sure to hit Apply Filters to confirm your choices


  • After selecting Apply Filters, your Clients list will automatically update to show you the new filtered list


  • Note you can add a Filter Name and click Save Filter to save that specific filtered list for repeated or later use


  • Once you've saved a Filter List, it will be easily accessible from the list of Saved Filters


  • To manage or remove any saved Filtered Lists, click the Filter and scroll to the bottom of the drawer and click Delete or Update Filter


  • You are also able to Export these lists by clicking on the blue Export button when viewing a Filtered List


  • The export will be a .csv file including the First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Gender & Date of Birth of the contacts inside the Filtered List