Create Coupons

Learn how to create the different coupon codes available to you.


Last updated: August 18, 2023

Upper Hand offers a wide variety of coupon options that you can offer to your clients, from recurring discounts, discounts for exclusive events and platform wide coupons.

Coupon Types

Before you start creating coupons, make sure you understand the different types of coupons that currently can be utilized in Upper Hand:

  • Single: a coupon type that can be applied to any non-recurring payment (example: open booking events, retail items, credit passes) and join fees for memberships
  • Recurring: a coupon type can be applied to any event or membership that has a recurring payment and the coupon will deduct from every future payment
  • One-Time: a coupon type that can be applied to payment plans or memberships and will only apply to the first payment.

Create Coupons

To create a coupon, hover over the main navigation bar on the left and click Coupons.

  • Click the plus sign
  • Enter the Coupon Name
  • Under Discount select whether the discount will be a dollar amount or a percentage off
  • Enter Code
    • Note: this will be what your clients need to enter at checkout so therefore it's best practice to not make them too complex and the characters to either be all upper or lower case
  • Start Date is the date you want the code to become available
  • End Date is the date the coupon code will expire
    • Note: the code will expire at midnight of the date set therefore if the last day you want it to be available is 1/5 then set it to expire on 1/6
  • Select Payment Type (see above for description or nearby tool tip) 
  • Usage Limit can be adjusted if you would like to set how many times a coupon code can be used by a client or by all users
    • Note: If left blank, the usage limit will be set to infinite
  • Enter a Description of what the coupon code is for
  • Choose which Events, Memberships, Credit Passes or Retail you want this code to be able to be used for

To further your understanding of this feature, be sure to check out the course: 13. Coupons: Create & Apply inside Upper Hand University.