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Upper Hand University

In this article, learn more about the new opportunities to effectively learn the Upper Hand software.


Last Updated: November 22, 2023

What is it?

Upper Hand University (UHU) is our online education platform for all things Upper Hand software. Modeled after a typical university classroom format, Upper Hand University presents you with the opportunity to take learning into your own hands. Courses are full of valuable information, tips & tricks, and helpful best practices to ensure you are utilizing the software most effectively for your business. 

What courses are available?

Our catalog of courses is available to view here. To enroll in a course, you first need access to Upper Hand University. Be sure to routinely check back as we continue to add to our course library.

Need access to Upper Hand University?

Upper Hand University is currently designed for training Admin users. Your Upper Hand login credentials will not automatically give you access to Upper Hand University as it is a separate platform.

Don't have an Upper Hand University account? Sign up here