User Permissions

In this article, learn about the difference in permissions granted to a staff user based on their user type.


Last Updated: February 8, 2024

Permissions can't be customized so before inviting a staff user to the software, it's a good practice to review the preset list of permission sets below so you invite them correctly.

If you ever need to edit a staff member's user level, click here to learn how.


  • No restrictions, can see it all and do it all


  • Can access everything an Admin can do but the following:
    • Any reporting including AI reports
    • Business Settings
    • Payroll on the staff profile
    • Revenue on the customer event view



They can:

  • See their own personal calendar
  • Set their availability
  • View their payroll

They cannot:

  • Access Point of Sale
  • Book Clients
  • Check Clients In
  • Charge Clients or see their contact information