Create Group Lesson Event

In this article, learn the best practices when it comes to creating a group lesson event.


Last Updated: August 9, 2023

If your business offers lessons that cater to multiple participants during a single session, that might be called a group lesson. Small group training, large group training, or team wide training are all examples of group lessons. Below are some best practices to set up your group lesson event in the software.

More often than not if you want to offer a group lesson event, it's best to set them up as open booking events. For reference, learn how to create an open booking event.

Below are some recommended tips and strategies when setting up your group lesson event but also feel free to schedule some time to meet with a member of our Education Team if you need further assistance.

Create Group Lesson Event

  • Event & Location
    • Include in the event title that the event is for group lessons so your clients know that there may be other attendees in their session.
    • In most cases, you will want to set up the event as an Open Booking event, so make sure you have toggled the event schedule as Open Booking.
    • It's recommended to create a separate Event Type for your Group Lessons so they are categorized differently than your other services and offerings.
  • Schedule
    • Assuming you allow Group Lessons to be registered during your normal business hours, you will want to set up the schedule for the event to mirror your business hours. If you have specific hours Group Lessons can be booked, you will need to input those specific hours.
    • Input a scheduling and cancellation deadline if desired. Note: This will only impact the individual attendee scheduling or canceling their own registration. Admins and staff have the ability to override these deadlines.
  • Participants
    • It's recommended to set the participant max to the max number of attendees for a session. Ex. If you allow up to 4 participants per group lesson, set the max to 4.
  • Staff & Resources
    • Include the appropriate staff members that are able to conduct a group lesson and add any resources you would like to reserve at time of booking.
    • Make sure to check "Allow client to choose staff" if you would like the participants to select their preferred staff member during checkout.
  • Marketing
    • Include important details about what is included and expected for a group lesson at your facility to provide clarity and minimize confusion.
  • Registration
    • Include any registration fields to capture additional information from the client at checkout if needed. Note: They would be prompted each time they purchase credits to the event to fill out the additional registration fields, so typically we don't recommended adding those fields for group lesson events.