Manage your Account Preferences


Last updated: July 19, 2023

As an admin you have the ability to set certain account wide preferences like disabling client scheduling, setting certain client payment methods, and controlling what sort of automated emails are sent out from your Upper Hand account.

After logging into your Upper Hand account, hover over the navigation bar on the left and click Settings > Preferences tab

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Disable Client Scheduling

Upper Hand is best utilized when clients have the ability to schedule. By default, Upper Hand is turned on for client scheduling. Before turning off the ability for your clients to schedule, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the Point of Sale feature. Clients will still have the ability to purchase sessions, they just won't be able to schedule those sessions on their own.

How to Turn Off/On Client Scheduling

  • Click the toggle next to Disable Client Scheduling to control scheduling for your clients
    • Note: Blue = Clients cannot schedule; Grey = clients can schedule
  • Click Save.

Set Client Payment Method

This feature allows you to select what payment methods your clients can use at checkout for each product. For example, you can make memberships credit card only but events credit card and pay later.

When a client tries to add an item to their cart that only allows credit card and if they try to add an item that only allows pay later, they will be prompted to complete checkout for the first item before adding the second item to their cart.

As an admin, you will be able to override the selected methods in point of sale during checkout.

How to Turn on Product Specific Payment Methods

  • Under Client Payment Method select which payment methods 
    • Note: you must select one payment method for each product 
  • Click Save.

Client Checkout Overview

When your client tries to add multiple items to their cart, if they do not have an overlapping payment method, they will receive a notification during checkout and will be prompted to complete two separate checkouts.


Q: If two or more items are in the cart, how will it choose the payment methods allowed? 

A: Whatever payment methods overlap among all products in the cart will be available as payment method options.

Example: If a customer has a camp or clinic in their cart (camp/clinic event type accepted payment options are card and pay later) and they also have a t-shirt in their cart (retail items accepted payment option is a card), the overlapping option of “card” will be available for customers at checkout to encompass both products.
On the flip side, if two products have no overlapping payment methods, a customer will not be able to add both to their cart and will have to checkout with each item individually. 
Q: Will the original settings for pay later be affected with this update? 
A: Nope! When it goes live, we did a data migration so all of your settings will stay the same…aka if you have pay later turned off, it will be off for all.

Q: What happens if two items are in a cart, but have two different payment methods? 
A:You will receive an error message when selecting “Add to Cart”
Q: Will the client have to remove the item from the cart themselves if they can only checkout for one item at a time? 
A: Customers will not be able to add the item to their cart!

Q: Can I specify payment method by event type?
A: No, this can only be by product type.

Q: Can I checkout for a free item and an item that requires a credit card?
A: If credit card is selected for that product type then yes. If not, it will have to be two separate checkouts.

Client Email Settings

Under Client Email Settings you can choose which emails you want your clients to receive.

To further your understanding of this feature, be sure to check out the course: 03. Upper Hand Account Setup inside Upper Hand University.