Set up your Upper Hand Account

Create your account, invite staff and customize your account settings.


Last updated: July 19, 2023

If you're setting up a new Upper Hand account, learn how to create your account, invite staff, and customize your account settings.

Below is an overview of the account setup tasks you should complete as an admin. Within each section, you'll find links to detail instructions for each task.

Create your account

Please note this is the page to create an Upper Hand business account. You have the ability to pay monthly ($135/month) or annually ($1,140; 30% discount). If you are looking to create a client account within a business that uses Upper Hand, please visit our create a client account article.

After creating an Upper Hand business account, you'll automatically be logged in. Learn more about logging in to Upper Hand and troubleshooting password issues.

Submit your Paysafe application

If you are planning on processing credit card transactions in your Upper Hand business account, you will need to first be approved and enabled from our payment processor, Paysafe. Click on the red banner at the top of the page to fill out the Paysafe merchant application.

For payments related questions, feel free to email

Customize account settings

While some settings can be set on the individual user level, you will want to also set account-wide settings that impact all users within your account. Some of these settings include your business info, locations, accounting, time tracking, custom waiver and preferences.

Invite your staff

Invite your staff members to the account so they can start utilizing Upper Hand. Staff members have a preset list of permission settings within the software. Once invited, they can log in and set up their profile and personal preferences. 

Start creating your events

The core of your business operations in the software will be centered around your events page. Events allow you to set schedules, collect registration and manage your facility. Before you get started make sure you are familiar with the basics of managing your events in Upper Hand. 

    Manage your Upper Hand Subscription

    You can manage your current subscription from the Billing tab of Business Settings section of your account. In this section, you can view your current subscription plan, make changes to the payment method on file and view your billing documentation.

    Get help with Upper Hand

    Learn more about the the support resources available to you.

    Explore Upper Hand University

    Learn more about the newest opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the software. Make sure to check out the course entitled "03. Upper Hand Account Set Up" to dive head first into setting up your account.