Split Payments

In this article, learn how to take split payments.


Last updated: February 8, 2023

If the situation calls for it and you need to split an order based on the payment method, know that you can accomplish this in the software using our Pay Later and Pay Balance features. Below is an example of one of those situations and an explanation of how to split payments.

Ex. Client wants to purchase a $100 camp but would like to pay $50 using a credit card and $50 in cash.

How to take split payments

  • Using Point-of-Sale, you would follow the process to register the attendee for the camp.
  • Once you arrive at the Payment portion of the checkout process, you would select Pay Later if you need to split payments.
  • Click Continue to complete the order.
  • Next, you will want to navigate to the client's profile page to access the order and newly created balance due.
  • Click View on the Outstanding Balance box and select your Pay Later Order and then select the three dot menu to Pay Balance
  • Within the Pay Balance Modal, input $50 in the Payment Amount line and choose Cash as Payment Method, then select Purchase to process the cash portion of the transaction
  • Repeat the steps to return to the Pay Balance Modal, this time select Card as the Payment Method and either select a card on file or input the new card information to charge the remaining amount using the card.