Badges and Indicators

In this article, admins will learn what the different badges or indicators mean within the software.


Last Updated: February 6, 2024


UH no waiver
  • UH unpaid sessionUnpaid Indicator:
    • Unpaid Event: 
      • This indicates that a client has not paid for an event.
    • UH Unpaid membership

        Unpaid Membership:

        • This indicates that a client has not paid for a membership.
    • No Show: 

      • UH no showThis indicates a client was not marked present at an event.
    • 2024-02-06_09-25-58Birthday Indicator
      • A gift box icon will appear next to the client's name if their birthday falls within the current week (Sunday - Saturday).


    • Membership:

      • The color dot on the client's profile picture corresponds with the color of the membership they are a part of. 

    UH membership indicator

    • Staff Badge:

      • This indicates that this person is a staff member, and only has staff member privileges within the software. 

    UH staff

    • Instructor Badge:
      • This indicates that this profile is an instructor, therefore has a very limited view of the software.
    UH Instructor Badge