Membership Landing Page

In this article, learn how to access and understand what is listed on the specific membership landing page.


Last updated: June 22, 2023

Similar to your Events, each Membership comes with a unique URL that serves as the landing page for the membership for easy promotion. Below we will outline how to locate the unique URL to share and outline the components included in the Membership landing page.

Unique Membership URL

  • Log into your Upper Hand account and hover over the main navigation bar on the left hand side, click Memberships
  • Click where it says "X Members" on the membership you would like to share

View Members Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 1.53.35 PM

  • You will see the Unique Membership URL on this page, listed underneath the price of the membership. You are able to copy that URL and post it to your website, social media posts or in an email to send people directly to that specific membership landing page.

Unique Membership URL Copy Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 2.07.23 PM

Membership Landing Page


On this page you will see the following information:

  • Top Bar - Includes the Membership Name at the top with the badge color, commitment length details and a blue purchase button to enroll
  • Membership Pricing - Includes the Cost, Billing Cycle & Join Fee, if applicable
  • Commitment - Includes the Commitment Length of the membership, if applicable
  • Benefits - Includes all the discounts, session credits, and exclusive event types included with the membership
  • Summary - A description about the membership
  • Enrollment - When signed in as a client, this box will show which profiles are enrolled in the membership and how long they've been enrolled