Report on goals

An overview of Upper Hand's reporting tools. Learn about the different ways that access your data in Upper Hand.


Last updated: July 19, 2023

In Upper Hand, you have many ways to report on your sales and retention efforts. Learn how to dive deep into your account's performance by utilizing our mix of spreadsheets and visual reports. A lot of our Reports offer unique data points so understanding the differences within them is key to identifying which Report is most effective for the task at hand. Many Reports are exportable from Upper Hand as well to analyze the information as you need. 

Below is an overview of the ways that you can measure your data in Upper Hand. Within each section, you'll find links to detailed instructions for each Report.

Before getting started, make sure you're logged in to your account. Learn more about logging in to Upper Hand.


The majority of Upper Hand Reports are accessible by clicking on Reports in the navigation bar on the left hand side. To select the Report you want, click the name of the Report on the drop down menu inside the navigation bar. Depending on how you utilize your Upper Hand account (or what features you have enabled) you may not have access or use for some of the Reports that come standard with an Upper Hand account. For example, if you don't utilize the Payroll feature in your account, then the Payroll Report would not have any data inside. Admins can access all Reports, while Staff members only have access to a few. 


The Dashboard will give you a snapshot of your account's weekly performance based on a few key indicators. Learn more about the Dashboard.