Set up League Registration

In this article, learn how to create an event to collect team registration for a league.


Last updated: January 23, 2024

While we currently don't offer a robust solution to run your team and league programs, there are ways within the software to set up events to allow teams to register their team for a particular league you are organizing.

More often than not if you want to collect team registrations for your league, it's best to set them up as fixed schedule events. For reference, learn how to create a fixed scheduled event.

Below are some recommended tips and strategies when setting up your League Registration event but also feel free to request a call with a member of our Support Team if you need further assistance.

Set up League Registration

  • Event & Location:
    • When creating your League Registration event, make sure you have selected Fixed Schedule as the type of Event Schedule.
    • It is recommended to create a separate Event Type to categorize your League events appropriately.
    • Include the location of where the league games are to take place.
  • Schedule:
    • It is recommended to include the start date of the League and the last date for games as the End Date for the event.
    • Note: If you have client session reminder email notifications turned on, they will receive a reminder email for each individual session so it is recommended to only include the start and end date of league as this will not be a good place to input the actual game schedule and bombard your registrants with unnecessary or confusing emails. Instead it may be a good idea to create an entirely separate event to input the schedule and reserve the appropriate resources needed.
    • Make sure to include a registration deadline, if applicable.
  • Participants:
    • Team Leader Pays: If you are looking for just the team leaders to register for their whole teams, you will need to input the maximum number of total teams you would like to register. Ex. If you are looking for 8 total teams to register, input the participant max as 8.
    • Each Team Member Pays: If you are looking for each team member to pay and register themselves, it is recommended to put the maximum number equal to the total number of teams multiplied by the total number of players on a team. Ex. 8 teams of 3 people, input the participant max as 24.
    • Note: If you input a minimum or maximum age range, this would restrict the participant to be within a given age range in order to register a spot
  • Staff & Resources:
    • We would recommend not adding any staff or resources to the team registration event. If you would like to reserve any staff or resources for your league program, we would suggest creating a separate private event that are tied to the appropriate staff or resources so that those items can be reserved appropriately at your facility.
  • Pricing:
    • Team Leader Pays: You will want to input the total team fee in the List Price
    • Each Team Member Pays: You will want to input the fee for an individual participant in the List Price
    • Adding Automation allows you to offer Payment Plans, if applicable
    • Setting a Pricing Schedule date allows you to offer Early Bird pricing
  • Marketing
    • It would be recommended to include further details about the league inside the Marketing tab of your event to help minimize confusion
  • Registration
    • If you would like to ask further questions at the time of registration, look through the available drop down options to include at checkout