Best Practices for Closing your Upper Hand Account

In this article, review a checklist of items to complete before you lose access to your account.


Last updated: January 2, 2023

If you've requested to cancel your Upper Hand account, below are some best practices to double-check you have completed before you lose access to your account.

  1. Make sure you have contacted Upper Hand and received a confirmation of your cancellation before proceeding.
  2. If you are processing credit card transactions and have an active merchant account with Paysafe, please reach out to to request closing your merchant account and provide your reasoning for needing to close the account. Note: This step cannot be completed until you have stopped processing payments in your account and cannot be undone.
  3. If you have any memberships or payment plans that are actively in use, please take action on those by canceling those recurring payments immediately.
  4. Complete your events and either hide or remove your memberships and credit passes so no more clients can register.
  5. Make sure you have exported your list of contacts or other important information you would need prior to closing.