Memberships | Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated: August 14, 2023

How to change a membership from a parent (main profile) to a kid (managed profile)?

If you notice that a parent (main) has purchased a membership for themselves but intended to purchase for their kid (managed), you will need to cancel the parent (main) profile's membership immediately and refund their initial payment. Then, you will want to sell the membership and select the correct profile to enroll them.

If you would like to avoid having to refund the client, you can prorate the new membership to a specific date and deselect Charge Now so they aren't charged again until the new Bill Date.

How to change a client's payment date?

You are able to change a client's charge date within an active membership from their client profile page.

How to upgrade/downgrade a client's membership?

If you need to upgrade or downgrade a client's membership, you will first need to cancel the membership they are currently enrolled in. Then you can sell the membership they would like to move to in Point of Sale.

Can a client cancel their own membership?

No a client is not able to cancel their own membership, this must be down by an Admin or Staff Member on the account.

How to add members to an event?

Whether a member already has credits from their membership or needs to purchase an event, you can add members to an event just like you can a non-member. If the membership includes discounts on any events, the software will take care of calculating those discounts for you at checkout.