Organize your Calendar

An overview of how to utilize your Upper Hand calendar.

APPLIES TO: Admins and Staff

Last updated: July 19, 2023

Upper Hand's Calendar feature allows Admins and Staff members to easily manage and control their daily responsibilities, including quickly adding clients to the schedule, making changes to sessions and viewing availability. You can also streamline your business operations by paying down outstanding balances, purchasing more credits and cancelling sessions when needed.

Admins can use the Calendar to monitor their staff and facility's availability, identify under utilized resources, and make sure their maximizing their business operations. You can also access the Calendar on the go using Upper Hand's mobile app.

Below is an overview of actions that will get you started with the Upper Hand Calendar feature. Within each section, you'll find links to detail instructions for each action. Before getting started, make sure you're logged in to your account. Learn more about logging into Upper Hand.

Calendar Views

When you first click on Calendar from the left navigation bar, what you see is dictated by a few factors. If you have just been invited and this is the first time you are looking at the Calendar, the default view is set to show you, My Calendar, which is showing you what you have scheduled on the calendar that day. You have the ability to adjust Calendar Settings, create Custom Calendars and change your Default Calendar view.

Understanding the Calendar

As your calendar starts filling up with sessions, you will want know how to read the calendar and make the necessary changes. The calendar cards are color coded to help you identify certain items quicker. If you don't see a particular session you are looking for, remember to double check your Calendar View Settings to make sure you are looking at the right information.

To further your understanding of this feature, be sure to check out the course: 06. Calendar: How to Navigate your Calendar inside Upper Hand University.