Maintain your Memberships

Create, deploy and control all the value that your memberships provide.


Last updated: July 19, 2023

Building a consistent stream of revenue for your business is easy with Upper Hand's Membership feature. Whether you want to offer discounts or credits, you can create unique Membership offerings that fit all your client's needs. If your facility already currently offers Memberships, learn some best practices on how to effectively migrate those over to your Upper Hand account. It's also important to make it easy for your clients to enroll in Memberships so check out our section in our help center for ways to incorporate Upper Hand into your current website.

Create A Membership

Most people these days are familiar with the term Membership and are likely already a member somewhere or even subscribed to many different memberships at the same time in their lives. If you don't currently offer Memberships in your business but want to, a good place to start is thinking about things like what sort of naming conventions you will use, what price point you will offer, what value is built into the membership (discounts and/or credits) as well as whether or not you will have set commitment lengths or join fees.

In Upper Hand, clients who are enrolled in a membership are given a specific Badge Color based on the color you input when creating the membership. We would recommend making the Badge Colors unique for each membership so that your clients have distinct colors based on the membership they are enrolled in.

Membership Management

Once you've set up your various Membership you want to offer, your work (and revenue!) has just begun. To access your list of Memberships hover over the navigation bar on the left and click Memberships.

To further your understanding of this feature, be sure to check out the course: 10. Memberships & Credit Passes: Adding Value Into Upper Hand  inside Upper Hand University.