Best Practices for Migrating your Clients to Upper Hand

In this article, review a checklist of items to complete before migrating your clients to Upper Hand.


Last updated: March 31, 2023

If you've just signed up for Upper Hand and are wanting to migrate some of your client's data over to the software, below are some best practices in regards to the process to complete certain migration actions in the software.

  1. Create your events and memberships to match your current offerings. Ex. If you offer rentals and/or memberships make sure to create them in Upper Hand so you can properly transfer information over.
  2. Communicate clear expectations and timelines to your current clients. It will go a long way to making the transition as smooth as possible.
  3. Invite your clients to the software so that you can start adding their card information on file and applying any credit transfers if necessary. 
  4. Transferring Credits/Sessions into Upper Hand

    1. If you have a current list of clients that need credits they have already paid in your previous system transferred to Upper Hand, you first need to purchase the appropriate amount of credits in Upper Hand using a 100% discount via manual discount or coupon code in Point of Sale. You can also create a free credit pass or membership that provides them with the credits that they need and enroll them in those. You will not be able to add clients to open booking sessions without credits.
  5. Transferring Memberships into Upper Hand
    1. The clients will need to have a card on file to enroll them in a membership. Once a card is on file, you can beginning adding them to the correct membership. You can pro-rate memberships at check-out to ensure the clients keep the same charge date.