Manage your Events

Learn how to get started managing your Events in Upper Hand.


Last updated: July 19, 2023

The foundation of your Upper Hand account is the ability to build and manage your events and keeping your registrations organized. Below learn more about the main elements of the Events page, as well as how to start utilizing your customer data in Upper Hand.

Before getting started, make sure you're logged in to your account.

Understand event schedules, event types and event status

The main elements of the Upper Hand Events page are event schedules, event types and event status.

  • Event Schedules: represents the type of schedule your event will have. Upper Hand accounts use 3 standard event schedules: fixed schedule, open booking and classes. The event creation process is different for each event schedule. All events regardless of schedule will appear under the Browse Events tab on the client side (if active and not set to private).
    • Fixed Schedule: has a specific start and end date and time. This event type is perfect for camps, clinics, or pre-scheduled training programs.
    • Open Booking: open booking events allow your clients to purchase sessions/credits that can be used to buy time to train at your business. This event type is perfect for 1 on 1 lessons, group sessions, flexible training programs, classes, rentals, and drop-in sessions. If you are looking to offer ongoing private lessons or small group training, this will be your go-to event type.
    • Class: this event type offers push scheduling and added flexibility. Classes allow you to create an event and add different schedules on the go. This means you can create multiple schedules for different staff members and resources.
  • Event Types: a category for each event. Each Event Type will have an Event Type Name and Event Color.
  • Event Status: a label on an event to signify its current state. The 5 labels of Event Status are: Active, Draft, Completed, Cancelled or Deleted.

For example, you post a Summer Baseball Camp that lasts 3 days, it would likely be set up as a Fixed Schedule event, under the Event Type "Camps" which is color-coded Blue and the status is Active as you are actively trying to get people to register.

To better understand your Events Page, click here for an overview of the information you are looking at.

Create Events

To create a new Event, start by clicking on the green plus sign in the top right corner and then clicking on New Event. From here you will need to decide if your event schedule will be a Fixed Schedule or Open Booking. If you are looking to create a Class, you will need to click on Classes in the navigation bar on the left hand side.

Manage your Events

Once you have created events, you will want to know how to properly manage your event list and make changes if necessary. To access your Events page, hover over the navigation bar on the left and click Events. On your Events page, you can search, filter, access the Event Admin View or take Action on an Event if changes are needed.

To further your understanding of this feature, be sure to check out the course: 04. Events: Building Out Your Services inside Upper Hand University.