Upper Hand Software — Update Notes

The latest updates for the Upper Hand software.


Last updated: September 20, 2023

Update Notes (September 20)

  • Feature released: Moved the location of the unsigned membership agreement indicator to be more noticeable with a unified format
  • Feature released: Made changes to the membership agreement to be much more accessible when utilizing the mobile app
  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue of software only showing a limit of 10 managed profiles on the primary account holder's profile, now all managed profiles will appear
  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue of Quick Schedule assigning all staff when single was selected in the event build

Update Notes (September 8)

  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue of not being able to sign multiple membership agreements in the cart at the same time

Update Notes (September 7)

Update Notes (August 29)

Update Notes (August 23)

  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue of staff members receiving unauthorized error when trying to add retail product during quick pay

Update Notes (August 22)

  • Feature released: Introduced new functionality with open booking events where you can now assign priority for your staff members listed on an open booking event as well as being able to toggle between assigning all staff members or a single one per session.

Update Notes (August 18)

Update Notes (August 16)

  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue of membership credits not showing all event types in the client's profile page
  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue of a dead click when trying to remind clients on an invite-only membership twice within the same 24 hour time span, now there is a pop-up notification.

Update Notes (August 15)

Update Notes (August 10)

Update Notes (July 31)

Update Notes (July 25)

  • Feature released: Re-designed the Membership page layout when viewing members within a membership. Added filters based on Membership status as well as an ability to export your member lists within a specific membership.

Update Notes (July 18)

  • Bug fixed: Resolved issue where attendees were removed when class time was mass updated

Update Notes (July 17)

  • Feature released: Admins now have the ability to process a refund the same day a transaction is processed

Update Notes (July 13)

  • Feature released: added another Subscription Add-on for our new custom website design service WebKit by Upper Hand

Update Notes (July 12)

Update Notes (June 26)

Update Notes (June 22)

Update Notes (June 21)

  • Bug fixed: resolved issue with instructor users not having global notifications enabled

Update Notes (June 20)

  • Feature released: added an ability to input Date Specific Business Availability so that a business can specify certain hours that all open booking events can be scheduled that day.